08 October, 2006

The Kisses From Christ's Mouth

Is your experience of Christ one of doctrine and cerebral belief, or is it one that encompasses all your affections? Many Calvinists err in being focused on the mind at the expense of the affections. God has called us to love him with heart, mind, soul, and strength.
Our brethren in the Old Economy understood this as they longed for the day of full salvation. They longed to be kissed with the kisses of the Redeemer's mouth.

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, that is, be reconciled to me, and let me know that he is so; let me have the token of his favour." Thus the Old-Testament church desired Christ's manifesting himself in the flesh, to be no longer under the law as a schoolmaster, under a dispensation of bondage and terror, but to receive the communications of divine grace in the gospel, in which God is reconciling the world unto himself, binding up and healing what by the law was torn and smitten; as the mother kisses the child that she has chidden. "Let him no longer send to me, but come himself, no longer speak by angels and prophets, but let me have the word of his own mouth, those gracious words (Luke iv. 22), which will be to me as the kisses of the mouth, sure tokens of reconciliation, as Esau's kissing Jacob was." All gospel duty is summed up in our kissing the Son (Ps. ii. 12); so all gospel-grace is summed up in his kissing us, as the father of the prodigal kissed him when he returned a penitent. It is a kiss of peace." -Matthew Henry, Canticles


Gavin Brown said...

Thoroughly unconvincing...enough with the kisses.

Droll Flood said...

-Why did he have to compare to the kisses of person on opposite sides of the antithesis? The kisses of an enemy are full of deceit. Ask Judas, he could tell you all about this.

-Regarding this kissing thing, those to whom God has given salvation will have God's Word governing their head, heart, and heat, like Phineas running through the fornicators before Israel. The Word of God is their comfort, is their assurance, is in what they trust.

-The content of Biblical doctrine, stirs our passions by contemplation of it, understanding it, and rehersing it over in our mind. Doing all these things prayerfully is absolutely essential. If we see something in the text of which we fall short, then we repent of it, and move along. There is time for heartfelt sorrow for one's sins, however that's not always to edification, regard Nehemiah in this. Our passions are to be governed by that content which is stored cognitively. Whatever part of salvation is talked about in Scripture at whatever place is to have the same result that is cited in the text. We can pick up zeal, fervency, anger, etc. from and according to the text's sense. These things only are given only to those for whom Christ has died and stemming from that, have had that work of Christ historically applied to them in their lives. All contingent on God's sovereign moving.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, we can gripe all we want about the word "kiss", but shaking hands with Christ just doesn't have the same effect. If nothing else, it's a poor literary device.

Highland Host said...

I'm reliably informed that the reason M.H. looked so fat was because of an illness.