14 February, 2006

Your True Love?

How much do you love the Lord Jesus today? How do you count him sweet to your life?

By looking unto Jesus we mean an inward experimental knowing, desiring, hoping, believing, loving, calling on Jesus, and conforming to Jesus. It is not a bare swimming knowledge of Christ; it is not a bare thinking of Christ. As Christ has various excellences in Himself, so has He formed the soul with a power of diverse ways of apprehending, that so we might be capable even as the creatures having their several uses. God has accordingly given us several senses, that so we might enjoy the delights of them all. What the better had we been for pleasant odiferous flowers, or sweet perfumes, if we had not possessed the sense of smell? Or what good would language or music, have done us, if God had not sent us the sense of hearing? Or what delight should we have found in meats or drinks, or sweetest things, if we had been deprived of the sense of tasting? So what pleasure should we have had even in the goodness and perfection of God in Christ, if we had been without the faculty and power of knowing, desiring, hoping, believing, loving, and enjoying? As the senses are to the body, so are these spiritual senses, powers, and affections to the soul the very way by which we must receive sweetness and strength from the Lord Jesus. -Isaac Ambrose, Looking Unto Jesus, 1680


Ellie said...

I cannot believe that was written in the 1600's. That's incredible!!! We are created by God with similiar human spirits today!! What a gift God has given humanity!! Thanking God for the human spirit and for the blessing of His Holy Spirit connecting with our human spirit.
Question..If someone has been blessed with Soverign Grace, does this impact their human spirit, how God's Holy Spirit touches them or both? What I'm wondering about is the impact of grace on the spirit and character of the human soul. I'm also wondering about persons with disorders of character and if we can impact them with spiritual care and what the protocol would be.(In addition to the obvious.. prayer)

Nate said...

The Spirit of God begins to transform the person who is converted and impacts every area of their life and conforms it to the image of the Son. This is restoring that which was lost in the fall. (Of course it will not be complete 'until the day of Christ Jesus')

Personalities are also conformed to the image of the Son. (Some wills are harder to break though..mine being one of them!)

Praise God for saving us FROM OUR sins and not just OUT OF them!

Joe Schelling said...

Well put Nate!

Notliberal said...

You'll be happy to note that my blog is the new home of the pig nun.

Lyd said...

I like the books better for you picture....:)

Lyd said...

your, I mean