04 February, 2006

Reason # 434

Yet another reason we here at PRESBYTERIAN THOUGHTS consider ourselves to be Reformed rather than Evangelical:

Mega Church: the video game


Marc Driesenga said...

You have got to be kidding me...What's next? "Mega Church: San Andres?"

edwardseanist said...

Selling Jesus. Isn't it great?

Ellie said...

I'm thinking about the book of Mark and the stories in which Jesus fed the 5 thousand and 4 thousand groups. I wonder how far some of those people traveled on foot, donkey, etc.
I'm wondering why the need is great to criticize large churches. Is there a foundation in scripture? I'm not sure how you intended to come off with your comment about Reformed vs Evangelical.Is it because you may be called to PERFECT your faith,form of worship, and want to correct others, and thats on your heart?Are you concerned that people will be surprised that they didn't make it to heaven. What is on my heart is that when I get the chance I want to share about My God, My Faith, My Gods Salvation, etc. That Jesus saves is so important.My concern is getting the Word out so that others can begin their journey with Christ. 1John4 vs 17,18,19 NLT "And as we live in God,our love grows more perfect. So we will not be afraid on the day of judgement, but we can face him with confidence because we are like Christ here in this world.Such love has no fear because perfect love expels all fear.......We love eachother as a result of him loving us first."
I'm thinking the size of a church is not what is important.It is the God living in the hearts of the members that is at issue. Also, God is huge as is the world and the many nations he created. Does this make sense?
Loving you as Christ loves his church. Ellie

Notliberal said...

Sweet fancy moses! Is there a psalm singing option and an option to require women clothe themselves properly with a headcovering?

Nate said...


I have NO PROBLEM with a church that is large or even huge.

My problem is that there is a market for such a rediculous item as a build your own way to worship God, etc. etc.

Restate: No problem with large churches...It would great to see all churches growing in size both physically and spiritually.

Mark said...

It's a joke, folks. A cleverly done one, but a joke nonetheless.

Droll Flood said...

I thought this was a joke! Then I was curious so I looked it up on Google...it really is so. What was even more scary was the listing on Amazon.com:
Imagine if you could create the church you wanted, any way you wanted.
Put together a worship service exactly the way YOU want: hymns, no hymns, drums, no drums. Are you from Wisconsin, start Polka Mass! Start a building campaign, ask for donations.”
“Product Description
Be the next Joel Osteen!
 Pastor a simulated church that and create your own Christian empire
 Build a church from the ground up, customize your staff, control budgets and more
 Hire and fire staff and deal with idiots, naive volunteers, and denominational egos
 Attract fickle unchurched people with Bingo, revival meetings or fasting--it is all up to you!
 Select a pre-loaded community
 Xurban or suburban church plant (for those who want it easy)
 Inner-city, multi-ethnic 80 year old church with 50 members and $1 million mortgage debt (for those who really want a challenge)
 Choose a denomination (Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal plus many more obscure factions and a brand new emergent plug-in)
 Take weekly offerings and pass a budget
 Start your own radio or cable-access show
 Attend the latest conference to hone your skills
 Implement the latest ministry fad
 Review weekly attendance and giving records
 Earn points with God by winning souls for Christ
With network play enabled, you can steal members from other churches and earn points just like you saved them yourself. The possibilities are endless! To grow your church, work on all the strategic variables,
 Write a mission statement
 Choose a logo
 Get a billboard
 Hire a professional worship musician
 Book a rock band
 Buy plasma television for your PowerPoint presentations
Prayer, study and preparation get thrown in there too--and the mysterious will of God! Deal with real-life challenges. Scenarios include,
 Troublesome board members
 Elderly, donor who wants to buy a new organ
 Your son starts using drugs
 Your trusted deacon sleeps with your secretary
 The city starts a construction project in front of your building
 Offering stolen
Denominations and Bible colleges use it to prepare potential church planters or associate pastors. It is better than an internship!
Do it all without a degree, license or even the Bible!
Just like Joel Osteen”

Droll Flood said...

I really, really, really hope this is not real.

edwardseanist said...

It's a joke! And I was going to purchase it too.

edwardseanist said...

Its not amazon.com look closer at the web adress.

Droll Flood said...

Mark, Edwardseanist:
Good catch. You may have just adverted a huge influx of letters of complaint to Amazon. I looked up in the address bar, and it said something to the extent of "e-church...etc." Not convinced enough, I checked out the page itself. None of the would be buttons work on the site. I hope somebody does not wind up getting sued for this one.

"It's a joke, folks. A cleverly done one, but a joke nonetheless."
-I'm glad that at least two of the commentors at this site are not asleep at the wheel. Got some coffee for me too?

Nate said...

Fun huh?

This is the kind of thing that many evangelical churches are into though. Does it please man or the Lord?

Droll Flood said...

I'm sure that the 'evangelical' churches are quite pleased with themselves. If they control who God is, why would they not be pleased with the work of their hands? Are they protective of their artistry, taking pride in it?
One of the most stupidist things about the whole matter besides the fact fallen mankind isn't answering his chief end, is that men make the ear which does not hear, and the eye that does not see, the god they do not know...absolute foolishness. But God makes the eye that sees, the ear that hears, and has made Himself known that all are without excuse.

ThatGuy said...

Hrmmm..... I'm thinking I should make such a game and take all of the Mega church-goer's money and make the RPNA a Big church. =D (Big, because we're not gonna flip the mega-button on the sales of some video games)

Anonymous said...

If the video game that thou talketh about doth not exist, how then can one claim that it is still what these "churches" are striving to accomplish in this life?

Nate said...

This game is obviously a parody based on someone perspective of the reality of evangelicalism's latest fad (except for the emergent church).

I would agree with this parody.

That is how.