23 February, 2006

Bible Works 7

Bibleworks newest version (7) has arrived, this has been available since the end of January. From the time that I have spent using it already, it is going to prove to be an invaluable resource. This will make studying the original languages much easier as it has many of the texts diagrammed for you and my favorite- all of the parsing is done for you! I saved a lot of time this week in doing work on I Corinthians 12.1-11. What usually requires a desk full of Greek lexicons and other aids can be done with my laptop. Check out how much this program has to offer. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the original Hebrew and Greek (even if you do not know any) than you should pick up a copy of Bibleworks.


Penumbra said...

Looks similar to e-sword. Notlib introduced me to that.

Nate said...

I used e-Sword for a couple of years. This is much better and has A TON of original language helps that e-Sword does not have.

If you go by price alone: e-Sword (free). But this is very helpful for intense study.

DJP said...

E-Sword is by far the best free resource I know of. It's really amazing what it can do.

But BW (still on 6, at the moment) is in a different category. I'm looking forward to getting version 7.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Bible Works 7 = hatchet
Accordance = chainsaw

Ellie said...

I'm waiting for the 9.0 version! Is it available on ebay?