23 September, 2010

Open Pulpits in the RPCNA

Twice per year, I add the updated list of open pulpits in the RPCNA. Please pray that the Lord Jesus would fill these pulpits with the men of his choosing. Pray also for the committees, sessions, and congregations that are searching for pastors. Also lift up the men who are able to receive a call; ask that God would aid them in their patience, trust, and waiting upon his call.

The list is by presbytery.

Washington, IA
Sharon, IA
Manhattan, KS

Great Lakes/Gulf:
Orlando, FL
Prairie View, IL (Westminster RP)
Indianapolis, IN (Second RP)
Hetherton, MI (stated supply is there)

Aurora, OH (Covenant RP)
Beaver Falls, PA (College Hill)

Cambridge, MA

St. Lawrence:
Owego, NY
Endicott, NY (Christian Heritage)
Walton, NY
Rochester, NY

Kasumigoka, Japan

Update: October 5, 2010:

There is one pulpit that I forgot to list and one that has just come open:
Atlantic Presbytery: Berkshire, MA
Great Lakes/Gulf Presbytery: Grand Rapids, MI (my alma mater)


Nathan W. Bingham said...

Any stats on how many men in the RPCNA are ordained / licensed to receive a call, but who aren't currently serving in such a role?

Elizabeth said...

I thought that Kit Schwartz was at Oswego, NY?

NPE said...

Nathan, each presbytery holds those records for their own men. It could be compiled- see www.rpcna.org for a list under "Missions and Ministries". I am not sure if it is up to date.

Elizabeth, I believe Kit is in Owego, Oswego is a different congregation. ;)

NPE said...

Elizabeth: You are right, Kit is in Oswego. Owego is looking for another pastor. I believe that they want a resident in training to take the work.