18 September, 2010

Carb Addict Spirituality

The book, War of Words by Paul Tripp has been a valuable read. Here are some of his ideas on the lies that physical bread tells. We are to seek the bread which comes down from Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ.

John 6: 22-69
Physical Bread and Spiritual Deception

Jesus provides the people with physical bread. They are amazed and decide that this must be the Messiah- let's make him king, he provides a free meal.

“What was behind these people's pursuit of Christ? What did they really want? I do not believe that they pursued Christ out of a humble submission to his messiahship and willingness to follow him wherever he would lead. Their pursuit of Christ was born instead out of a love for self and the hope that Christ would meet their felt needs. They were excited about following the king- but for all the wrong reasons.” p.88

The struggle of physical bread versus spiritual bread is a core struggle in the Christian life. It is the core struggle of human life. p.89

Physical Bread is Permanent
We believe that working for physical bread is of the utmost importance because deep down inside we believe that it lasts forever. The Scriptures tell us that this world is passing away. Psalm 73 says that this world is like a dream that quickly passes away. Why “invest” in bread that will not last?

Physical Bread is the Only Bread
We need to take hold of the idea that the only “bread” that is permanent is spiritual (Matthew 6:19-34).

“And this is why we are told to live as pilgrims, as tent dwellers, not giving ourselves over to the accumulation of material things as if they aware the only bread that really counts. The person who believes this lie is a fool (Lk 12.20).” p.91

Physical Bread Defines Human Success
We all fall into the trap of coveting those with the best bread. We believe that bread will make us happy. Bread will satisfy the voids. (Think of Beverly Hills, The Grove, Muholland Drive- we all enjoy seeing how “they” live.) Matthew 16.25- What good will it be if a man gains the whole world and loses his soul?

“Jesus defines human success in terms of two fundamental commitments: to love God above all else and to love your neighbor as yourself. TO live this way is to be rich no matter how small your collection of worldly things.” p.91

Physical Bread Will Give You Life
“This is the lie of the lies- that somehow, some way, life can be found outside a relationship with God. This was the lie told by the deceive in the Garden, and it is the lie told countless times again every day. Feeding on physical bread only leads to more hunger. It is only as you feed on Christ by faith, receiving his life, that you can ever be satisfied.” p. 92

When we find ourselves in the same spot as the followers who followed Christ for physical bread- we must as ourselves- will we go away also? We must question and reexamine and recommit our vows unto Christ. And we must stand with Peter when Jesus asked...

Will you go away also?

Peter got it. “Where else shall we go? You have the words of eternal life?”

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Committed Christian said...

Good reminder since even true Christians have the tendency to seek out "bread from God" rather than, or more than, the Bread of Life. Some professing Christians continually seek all sorts of things ranging from "getting a healing" to "better finances", but do not think about the fact that this world is passing away and that Christ is our all in all.