03 September, 2010

The Hypocrisy of the Agnostic and His Atheistic Twin

It seems that many agnostics and atheists are willing to wax eloquent about what God is not. "God could not possibly _____." Where do they get this knowledge? What is their source? What about an "unknown god" do they know? It seems that the Scriptures tell us that man has a knowledge of God and they repress it (Romans 1). Have they considered that their understanding of God is actually a repressed understanding so that they can worship the creature (themselves, reason, feelings, etc) rather than the Creator? Herman Bavinck leaves the atheist and his twin the agnostic with their jaws on the floor:

Hear this:

"The position that we know nothing of God already presupposes a lot of knowledge of God and therefore that what we have here is a contradiction in terms. For when we call God inexpressible, we are at the same time saying a lot about him, so that in fact he is not inexpressible. For it is no small amount of knowledge... if before we know what God is we already know what he is not. Not knowing is itself extensive and positive: it amounts to no small beginning of the knowledge of God. It is already quite significant to know that God is in no way creaturely." Reformed Dogmatics, v.1 p.51.

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