16 May, 2008

The Montstrous Regiment of Women

Yep, I watched it. Yep, I agreed with it principally. I do not think that it would be that convincing to someone that is a feminist; but there are some really good points that would be worth discussing with them.

One point that I did think was compelling was the idea that 1960s Feminism was telling women that they needed to choose whether to stay at home or go out into the work force; but through legislation and taxation, the Feminist agenda was that women were forced to work out of the home, thus needing to place their children in the government schools to be indoctrinated by the Marxists that run them.

Check it out, even if you think that it is too 'patriarchal' for you. It is worth viewing (there are good Psalter selections in the background as well).


Rob said...

I find it ironic that Western women were (are) told they deserved the freedom of being able to work instead of having children. The fruit of having so many women in the workforce manifests itself in many ways; for example, consider the inflated housing prices where, quite often, only two-income families can obtain a mortgage large enough to buy a house. The irony is this: instead of freedom, women are forced to go to work.

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Thanks for the review. I have thought about getting it (have seen the preview) and now I'll go buy it.

Andrew said...

...even better are the women in Grand Rapids who have been blessed by God with a teaching gift - and think His provision means they are to pastor a church.


Surely, those of whom I speak would instantly be emotionally upset (hm. imagine.), and demand of me *why* God should have 'wasted' such gifts as teaching and knowledge of theology on a woman, if He never intended for them to stand in a pulpit..

Why would the LORD gift some women with steel-trap minds, capable of understanding the loftiest doctrines concerning Himself, and furthermore grant them also the gift and burning desire to pass that knowledge of the Holy to others?!?

"What a waste," they cry!

If they would stop hating their wombs so, perhaps the Lord would see fit to fill them with fruit...

Your theological prowess and teaching gifts, ladies, are FOR YOUR FAMILY...
Try this: be a helpmeet for your husband.

Teach your children, you rebellious women!

Female Pastor said...

Principally to Andrew - and to others who share his view on women in ministry:

Let me say up front that I am an ordained pastor and a woman. Let me also say I am not a feminist and I am not "emotionally upset" by your comments, though I consider them misguided. All that said, you may well choose not to read further, but I sincerely hope and pray that you do. What follows is not meant as an indictment, but as an opportunity for consideration of a different viewpoint from the one you currently hold.

Women in ministry is supported in the Bible. There are numerous examples of women in leadership roles outside the family - Deborah is probably the best-known Old Testament example, Lydia the most often cited New Testament example. But they are not anomalies. If you look at Romans 16:1, the Greek word used of Pheobe translated as deaconess in most version is used only two other times in the New Testament, both by Paul. In one instance it is used in reference to Jesus and in the other in reference to Paul. Neither time is it translated as deacon, but more frequently as minister or servant.

At the tomb of our Risen Lord, it was women who discovered that He was not in the grave and who told others. Thus, women were actually the first to spread the saving message that Jesus was raised from the dead. Women were the first to urge the male disciples to go and see.

I do not want to take anything away from the men who serve the Lord faithfully in both the past and present, but to highlight that women are called to serve as well, and that this is not a new idea. Even curmudgeony old John Calvin pointed out in his commentaries the possibility of women adminstering the sacraments, and that was five hundered years ago.

Not all women in ministry "hate their wombs." In fact, some women in ministry capitulated to God's call on their lives only after being thwarted in every effort to follow the path you seem to indicate is the only appropriate one for women. It is their efforts to run from God's calling that is rebellious (as you labelled women in ministry) - not their capitulation to God's clear will. God alone determines who He calls, but at least in the denomination I am part of, it requires a lengthy process and the affirmation of many humans before anyone - male or female - can be ordained as a minister. God calls, but the body of Christ must affirm the call or the one who believes he or she is called will not be ordained.

Not all women are called to be wives and mothers. Not all women are even capable of being mothers as not all women are able to bear children. Even among those who have husbands and children, it is no more outrageous for them to minister beyond the confines of their families than it is for men with wives and children to minister beyond the confines of their families.

Though I do not anticipate that anything I post here is likely to change your mind on the topic, I do hope that it may at least lead you to think about your position. The fact is there is a significant group of theologically and socially conservative faithful women who are serving the Lord as Ministers because He called them in ways they could not deny. It would be lovely if those of us who love the Lord and who try to spread the Good News could stop attacking one another and work together (as the members of the body of Christ ought to do) to share God's great love revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ our Savior. There are enough people attacking Christians as it is; we need not attack one another.

May God bless you and keep you.

In Christ's service,
A female pastor