28 May, 2008

Banner Singing and Preaching

Here is a video of the singing at the Banner Conference. It is wonderful to hear all these ministers, elders, and students praising God and crying out to him for help on their ministries and the Church universal. It is worth hearing!

Here are some pictures from the conference:
Iain Murray talking with a pastor from New York.
Jered Olivetti getting pastoral lessons from Dr. Adjemian.
Ian Hamilton preached this AM on the 'The Minister's Calling'. What a message! His text was Romans 11.34-36. "If we are not bringing people to a place where they are captivated by Jesus Christ we are not doing our job. This supreme calling of a minister of the new covenant is to make rebel sinners into adoring worshipers!"
This was right before prayer time. The men gather for 45 minutes to pray for the church and for each others ministries and burdens. What a blessed event!


Rob said...

That singing reminds me of why I like to go to Presbytery meetings. Not that the singing is bad at our church, but we are still a small congregation and so it is just not the same as when there are lots of men who sing well. That was nice to watch. The singing almost drowned out the piano. :-)

Stephen said...

Yup. There is nothing like men singing well. Wish I was there!