28 May, 2008

Iain Murray Gives a Great Rebuke to Theological Students

I love this picture! Blogger, Michael Dewalt, took it for me. Thanks Mike! It is my best friend since high school, Shawn and I listening to Rev. Murray tonight.
Tonight Iain Murray preached a great sermon that was directed to the heart of ALL ministers and theological students. He was scheduled to preach from 7PM to 8PM. He apologized, and asked to stop because he was half way finished. The crowd began to yell out 'preach!' ''continue!'. We stopped and sang and he invited us to stay if we wanted to and finished the sermon. It was great.
His title was 'Our Present Needs'. Here are the needs, according to Murray, for current ministers:
1. For less self-confidence
2. Increased persevering faith in God
3. For guidance on how to use our time
4. To not stop praying and looking for spiritual awakening
He had some great quotes that were knives to the spiritual heart: The Reformed Faith does not do well with showing the love of God to sinners. We give the impression that the faith is about knowledge only: "Our message is God's amazing love to sinners AS sinners!"
He also gave 5 applications for young ministers:
1. Have a regular time in which we look at our lives and eternity.
2. Watch your own temperament. Some men who are extroverts need to stop socializing so much and get in the study. Some men who are introverts need to come out of the study and be with people.
3. Read the best books and only the best! Also, have a way of recording as you are reading. This will help you to recall in 30 years.
4. Do not let email and websites control your time. You can lose hours on this.
5. We need to avoid losing time on controversies. We spend too much time here instead on the essentials and the Gospel going out.
6. Do not see in your church what you cannot change. It is better not to stir trouble on something that can wait a few years to address.

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An Eshelman said...

The bad kids would always sit in the balcony.

Don't publish this. :)

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Again. booooooo!!!

(I'll get the Mp3)...

Reformed Renegade said...

Thanks for blogging the conference. I'm envious but very glad that you are enjoying the conference abd being blessed by it.