30 January, 2008

Eat This Book

I have meaning to link this, but have forgotten on numerous occasions. Reformation Heritage Books now has a blog called: Reformation Heritage Book Talk. You will be able to read reviews of RHB titles as well as read and hear interviews with some of their authors and booksellers.

My friend, Michael Dewalt, is the administrator and may be emailed with your reviews of RHB titles.



Mark said...

I saw this a while back. It's dangerous to be exposed to that many books, I'm not sure my wallet can handle that. :)

Steven Carr said...


If you buy a lot of books, give them to me; then you will feel better about spending all that money.

Mark said...

Heh. Gotta love an opportunist. Also, no. :)

Deejay said...

This is good news about RHB taking them over. I hope they restart printing or publishing, the works of Christopher Love. The people who owned them before Ligioner, had started to, and planned to publish them all over time, and then when Ligoner took over, there were some casualties in what puritans they published. Christopher Love's works seemed to be one of those casualties.