09 September, 2007

Sabbath a'Brakel

Contentment is a Christian virtue consisting in a correspondence between the desire of God's children and their present condition--this being true because it is the will of their God in Christ and according to His sovereign determination. In this they rest with delight, in quiet confidence, joyfully, and with gratitude, trusting that the Lord will cause the present and the future to turn out to their advantage. This causes them to utilize their present condition to the advancement of their spiritual life and to the glory of God (III: 379-380).


Mark said...

Great quote, contentment really is a wonderful thing. 'Tis indeed a blessing.

DROLLORD said...

-Contentment is quite the opposite of coveteousness...
Ask Naboth about Ahab and (cringe)Jezebeel.

-Many apologies, Nate. We got to church this morning and my wife realized, Watson's baptism was today. Nuts. I wanted to go but we realized we'd be too late and it would not have looked well to get up and leave right before the service.