10 September, 2007

The Baptism of Watson Truth Eshelman

Watson was baptized this Lord's Day. It was very emotional to reflect on all the promises of God as well as the responsibility of Christian parenthood. The first question to which we answered, I do, was a re-commitment to the Christian faith. I pray that this begins a time of personal reviving for us as we have rededicated our lives to the life of Jesus Christ.

Here is a great article by Professor John Murray on the baptism of infants.


shawn said...

Congrats Watson,

I pray that the Lord would do a great work in you and your siblings, to advance His kingdom.

May you remember this day often, and find assurance in the thing God signifies by this sign and seal He has put upon you.

voxstefani said...

All glory be to our covenant God!

Congratulations to all the family.

Andy Joe said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby! It was good to meet you a few weeks ago! May you be richly blessed in you new year at PRTS.

Stay well and strong in Christ Jesus,
Andrew Gruswitz

Penumbra said...

Why is he wearing a dress?