26 March, 2007

Prepare Your Heart

John Willison's Sacramental Catechism was the first book that I have turned to this week in preparation for the Lord's Supper this coming Sabbath. My particular copy is quite special to me. My great friend, Shawn Anderson bought it for me about 6 years ago. It is a second edition and in very nice shape.

The book is a great way to begin preparation for a communion season since it is full of Scripture references and thoughts on how to best prepare and examine yourself. Willison discusses the need for the communicant to have grace before coming to the Lord's table. The Supper is a spiritual feast and one must have an appetite before one comes to a feast. Dead men and men who have no hunger do not have a need or a desire for a great feast. So too, the Lord's Supper is for quickened men and men with a hunger for more grace.

In this week before partaking of this heavenly meal, I am called to search my heart to look for two things. Do I have grace that has resulted in saving faith? Do I have a hunger for greater love and communion with the Lord Jesus Christ?

What is in your heart?


Lyd said...

Yes. I enjoyed this also.

Side note: I like the blue, of course, but the title does not show up well for me. You should change LOUA to some nice colors!!

Mark said...

Man, my book list keeps growing... blast you, Eshelman! :)

The blue looks nice, very Easter-ish. Which is no doubt what you were going for.... The header should be taller, though, to hold all of the text. Simply look for #header {, then adjust height until it's good.

LOUA looks good as-is, in my opinion. Though I am but a lowly peon.

LYd said...

I am sure it was in light of Easter. LOUA has that weird purple color that he just needs to adjust. That's all. :0)

Notliberal said...

I'm not a fan of the powder blue, it reminds me of those ugly Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals uniforms from the 80's.

Nate said...

I am glad that everyone is enjoying the post.

Chaning fonts and colors for communion seasons was not part of what I am doing with PT, but I could start.

Robbie said...

definitely need to make it more funky .. add some Nate-pa-zazz

shawn said...

Nate, I love that book. Soon after it was republished I purchased it. I have used it during many a Supper Season.

Once we had many of the young persons over after a Lord's Supper celebration. We went over the post-supper reflection.

Of course I have not had the sacrament since 2005, and look forward to the day when I can again sit with brethren and commune with Christ and His Bride.