19 March, 2007

The Confessing Church

As Confessional Christians, both Reformed and Presbyterian believers hold to documents that summarize the teachings of Scripture. Why do we do this? Is this necessary? Does this contradict sola scriptura? There are many questions that one must ask before signing on to a Confessional position.

The Confessing Church by Dr. Pipa is a worthy read.

The picture is Jerusalem Chamber in

Westminster Abbey.

This is where the Westminster Standards were written.


Mark said...

Great essay, thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed Moody's story about his daughter. That's cool on so many levels.

Droll said...

A formidably helpful read. The conclusion that Pipa draws regarding the holders of the creed "No creed but Christ" is well thought out and right. A more funny logical conclusion is that those adherents would altogether keep their mouths shut, given that the principle of citing a verse when asked a question "uninterpreted" inherently has an interpretation at its conception. Really, at heart of the matter is the fact of the impossibility of not having an interpretation, which he brings out quite well in the first section.
Nate, this dovetails quite nicely into our conversation last night.

Robbie said...

Confessionalism.. beautiful idea... as long as you are a subscriptionist :-)