05 March, 2007

Christian Love in Action

Our Puritan Paperback book study got off to a great start. There were over 20 people in attendance and the participation was very good. We have started with Hugh Binning's Christian Love. What a convicting treatise. I imagine that when blood was being spilled over doctrinal differences, Christian Love was more difficult than in our fat and cozy culture. I pray that the Lord uses this study for his glory and our good!

Now, imagine then, what excellency is in this grace, which is made the character of a son of God, of one begotten of the Father, and passed from death to life? 1 John 3.10,14. 'In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: Whosoever doth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren: he that loveth not his brother, abideth in death.' 1 John 4.7. 'Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.' And truly it is most natural, if it be so, that the children of our Father love each other dearly. It is monstrous and unnatural to see it otherwise. But besides, there is in this a great deal of resemblance of their Father, whose eminent and signal property it is, to be good to all and kind even to the unthankful; and whose incomparable glory it is to pardon iniquity, and suffer long patiently. A Christian cannot resemble his Father more nearly than in this. Why do we account that baseness in us which is glory to God? Are we ashamed of our birth, or dare we not own our Father? Shall we be ashamed to love them as brethren whom he hath not been ashamed to adopt as sons, and whom Christ is not ashamed to call brethren?

Any thoughts on which Puritan Paperback we should do next? Mrs. Sikma recommended John Owen. I think that we will have to work our way up to Owen!

Next meeting:
March 24th following evening worship.
Held at Puritan Reformed Seminary
during a fellowship meal.


Lyd said...

She was most definitely joking about Owen. We both laughed at the suggestion, although both greatly enjoy his writing...just want to not get too fancy, too fast. ;)

Mark said...

It is a very convicting book. I'm really looking forward to the next study, looks like we'll be able to get into some really nitty-gritty stuff there. Thanks for getting this going, I think it'll be a real blessing.

As for the next book - I was rudely told to eat when I was looking through the list, and when I got back it was gone. Gone! Is there an e-copy available for perusal?

Lydia said...

Mark- I don't know if this is what Nathan would recommend...but I have linked a list of Puritan Paperbacks via my name. It gives a list of the books in the series and a short description. I am sure RHB has a list too.

shawn said...

It was a great meeting. Thanks for the laughs!

I suggest either:

The Art of Prophesyiny Section A

- because it is a great intoduction to Biblical Hermeneutics from a Puritan perspective. (part B is more about the Ministry)

- OR -

The Christian's Great Interest
William Guthrie

- in the vein of the Sum of Saving Knowledge, pastoral work on Assurance.

- OR -

Mortification of Sin
John Owen

- Because who doesn't need to hear more about this topic as we wage war against the flesh daily.

Mark said...

Thanks, Lyd. "The Godly Man's Picture" is a pretty good read, but I don't recall how, er, dense it is. "All Loves Excelling" might be a good continuation of where we are now. Looks like a good read, at any rate.

Time said...

As it would be obvious to all, the date is the 25th not 24th. ;)