19 June, 2006

When I say that I am Presbyterian- this is not what I mean.

Thanks for the article eChuck.


Notliberal said...

"This does not alter the church's theological position, but provides an educational resource to enhance the spiritual life of our membership"

What in tarnation does that mean? How is changing 'Father, Son and Holy Spirt' to 'mother, child, womb' not change the church's theological position? It is quite clearly a change from that which is Biblical to that which was made up by a bunch of whining, evil feminists who hate themselves and God so much that they are willing to destroy the church in order to avenge their hatreds.

Penumbra said...

Nancy Otlhoff says "...provides an educational resource to enhance the spiritual life of our membership."

Another of the multitude of examples of gender role re-education. It's more likely to enhance the spiritual death of the PCUSA.

Andrew Duggan said...

NL, they have been denying Jesus Christ officially for 70 years. That's when they put the submission to their church ahead of submission to Christ. Their religion from that time forward has been humanism not Christianity, so they are quite right that the change does not alter their church's theology. Their god is not the God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They are gods to themselves.

Incredulity at their absurdity is a little anachronistic.

Gavin said...

Actually, that's not news to me. I have a friend who was an organist at an Episcopal parish where the "priestess" changed the Lord's Prayer to "Our Mother" and did many of the changes like the PCUSA.

On another note: is it just me, or is every denomination's central meeting this year ending in disaster? Look at the stuff done by the CRC, PCUSA, the new "primate" for the Episcopal Church, I don't have a problem with the OCP report but a lot of people do. My girlfriend's denomination, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, is electing a new president this year. If they continue the trend of every other denomination this year, things could go WAY downhill for them too.

Mark said...

I think that what we need to remember looking at the various denominations falling apart is that steadfastness is a highly important virtue. One error can snowball into a catastrophe many years later. We ought also to be humbled that we've been kept from such foolishness.

And we ought to laugh at them, because this is just plain stupid.

shawn said...

I have found more recently in my study of Church organization/ structure/ government, that Doctrine is only part of the maintenance and spiritual well-being of the Church. Really to protect the Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Gov’t you need good order. What does the book of discipline and order look like in the PCUSA? What does it look like in your denom?

Consider Beza’s great words of wisdom here:
"This is a great gift of God, that you have brought into Scotland together, pure Religion and good order, which is the bond to hold fast the Doctrine. I heartily pray and beseech for God's sake, Hold fast these two together, so, that you may remember, that if one be lost, the other cannot long remain. So Bishops brought forth Popery, so false Bishops the reliques of Popery, shall bring into the World Epicureisme. Whosoever would have the Church safe, let them beware of this pest. And seeing you have timely dispatched it in Scotland, I beseech you never admit it again, albeit it flatter with shew of the preservation of unity, which hath deceived many of the best of the Ancients" reference: Bez., Epist., 79.
-The Government and Order of the Church of Scotland, "To the Reader, p. 5.
Henderson translating a quote from Beza, see reference