12 June, 2006

Faithfulness and Holiness

Today I sat down with a copy of the 'new' JI Packer biography of JC Ryle, entitled, Faithfulness and Holiness. My little guy Owen and I reclined on the couch to begin the journey into the life of the great Victorian bishop of Liverpool and easily began to enjoy Packer's appreciation.

As I began to notice the speed with which Packer wrote I flipped through the book to catch a glimpse of some of the chapter titles.

Outrage is all that I can say.

Why do you ask? The 'appreciation' is only 85 pages. The last 3/4 of the book is a copy of one of his greatest works- Holiness.
I am glad that the biography is so great and it is nice that Holiness is included, but do not make a $20 hardcover book that is only 85 pages!

Worth the read- but do not pay full price.


Lydia said...

Haha. That is funny, because we just made a trip to buy a newer version of Holiness, and here you had a nice version the whole time!

Ryle is one of my favorites (have I ever mentioned that...)

shawn said...

Hey, I'll take one of those copies offyour hands. I don't have a copy of Holiness.

Nate said...

Sure, I will send a copy. Are you still on Eagle Street?

shawn said...

yeah... but what I really want is this: