16 June, 2006

The OPC and the New Perspective on Paul

The OPC has released their statement of on the New Perspective on Paul. In my opinion the OPC is the classic 'play both sides of the argument' denomination when it comes to some of the hard issues of the church. The report, as well as a critique can be read here.

Hopefully the congregations of this denomination will be able to stand for what is good and just and call out those who teach a false gospel.

Pray for the OPC and other reformed churches as they struggle through this trying time in the history of the Church.


shawn said...

Does the ARPC have a statement on the NPoP?

I haven't had opportunity lately to check it out.

Andrew Duggan said...

Actually the OPC has not released a statement. The GA has yet to meet. The report in question is only the report a committee, that has not yet been adopted by the GA. There is no certainty that the GA will adopt it in whole or in part. Only after the GA meets might there be a statement.

Of course one needs to bear in mind that the last time the OPC spoke on justification was in its decision regarding the Kinnaird case.

Anonymous said...

"In my opinion the OPC is the classic 'play both sides of the argument' denomination when it comes to some of the hard issues of the church."


I have a problem with this statement. You could have said that you think the OPC is playing both sides of the fence on this issue, but instead you make a broad statement about a whole denomination. You question a denomination's integrity on a host of unamed issues and then say lets pray for them. This isn't a statement of concern it is an inflammatory remark. The judgement is cast, the denomination is wishy washy. If you truely care and are concerned; write as though you are.

Nate said...

I am concerned about the OPC and I think that they have a nice heritage that has added a lot to the Reformed Faith.

I do not stand in judgment over the whole of the denomination either. Some of the men that are in the OPC are quite esteemed in my mind. I LOVE GI Williamson and 99% of what he writes and I like John Frame on his doctrine of God and some of his ethics work.

I do not think that the OPC is TOTALLY wishy-washy, but there are some big things that the assemblies have not decided upon but 'allowed' people to have either/or views.

I do pray for the OPC and for my friends that are in it.

ladylipsy said...

I found the article you discussed and linked to intensely interesting. There are so many ways in which we are enticed away from complete faith and reliance on the Word of God as the basis for our beliefs and lives. So many ways we find to not deal with or twist the issues that come up in our communities. Interacting with a relativist culture and many different versions of Christian at college illustrate even more clearly the importance and value of sola scriptura! Thanks for writing about it.

Billy said...

Let us not forget the implications of common grace found in even the most unbiblical of teachings. I believe that is both wise and prudent to evaluate every aspect of any doctrine.
"It would be a poverty to assume that the unbeliever can never utter God's truth of any kind." -John Calvin