03 November, 2005

My Christian Life

Not as a way to lift myself up or because I am a self centered & self serving jerk, but because I would like to share part of what the evangelical world calls "testimony" by way of quiz.

This quiz deals with my Christian experience. Please take the quiz and instead of discussion points we can have questions about the quiz and discussion on how well you have done.

I know that this is a little out of the ordinary for PRESBYTERIAN THOUGHTS: living a well thought out life, but a little fun once in awhile is good for us.



wiglaf said...

Awww. shucks! I failed your quiz; zero out of 10. I thought for sure you went to the rama-lama-ding-dong church. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you laughin at my wig, Wiglaf?

John W. Sikma said...

that was fun.