21 November, 2005

Kuyper College

It has been announced that Reformed Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan is changing their name to KUYPER COLLEGE after the famous Dutchman, Abraham Kuyper.

This news has not been made public yet, so please do not tell anyone that you found this information here. I received it from an insider. (Hush!) The name will not be released until the end of the year.

Now RBC, Now KC, will be able to live out their dream of watering down the Reformed faith, loosening their commitment to the Reformed Confessions, and begin to become more "relevant" as a "Christian" institution. Congratulations, I am sure that your founders would be really proud of you.

"There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our
human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign
over all,does not cry: 'Mine!' "
-Abraham Kuyper

Maybe now they can drop their no smoking policy.


Nate said...

I do not have a problem with AK per se, it is what the modern neo-kuyperians have done with him.

Sphere sovreignty has gone nuts with allowing all things in the name of Christianity based upon the famous Kuyper quote.

Droll Flood said...

Why not KFC?

Droll Flood said...

Wouldn't it be funny if KC got a new logo instead of the candle, they had a picture of Nick Kroeze in the same smug look as Colonel Sanders?

Smart Aleck said...

What issue would/do we have with the teachings of AK(what he actually taught not what is done in his name)?

Notliberal said...

I oppose the name change as it is totally unnecessary.

Nate said...

The issue is not so much with Kuiper himself per se (even though he did have some peculiar ideas on sphere sovereignty) but the problem arises when one takes his name for the IDEAS that he HAS BECOME known to represent.

TM said...

Well said Nate. No one truly loves Kuyper more then those commited to the epistemology he roughly sketched out, and the piety he fought for. He may not have been Neo-puritan (too bad for him), but there is much good in neo-calvinism. May the Lord grant the former RBC, and us, the grace to seperate the good from the bad in Kuyper's thought. With that in mind I reccomend both Kuyper lovers and haters to do something they usually do not do: read Kuyper yourselves!

Baus said...

Nate, I'm a first time visitor to your blog. I'm a hardcore Calvinist, oldschool confessional Presbyterian... and a Kuyperian.

Do visit my other sites too:

Joe Schelling said...

I like the idea of Colonel Kroeze, maybe he could be holding a smoke!

M. said...

Aside from Kuyper's views, I think we can all agree that it's kind of a chintsy name for a college. No offense to any of the Kuypers out there, but it doesn't exactly evoke serious scholastic intent. Then again, from what I've heard maybe it is entirely appropriate for a place like RBC.

Joe Schelling said...

I would agree. There is a serious lack of intellectual responsibility taken at RBC. It often seems as though the professors can easily explain their questionable teaching or not taking stands in class as allowing the class to come to terms with their own points of view. But considering that so few people today even know what they believe, don't some need to be told? Or, could you just except RBC for what it is and realize that there is not much of an alternative in GR?

shawn said...

Hey was Kuyper a Sabbath keeper? Because the current RBC doesn't keep it:

College Goal Sunday Information
Partnership for Learning will be hosting College Goal Sunday again this year. It will take place on February 12, 2006 at 22 locations across Michigan.

College Goal Sunday is a time where financial aid officers from colleges all over the state are volunteering their time to help students complete the FAFSA for the 2006-2007 school year. RBC will be represented at the Grand Rapids location.

If you are interested in attending, please check for a location near you at www.micollegegoal.org.

Nate said...

I went to the website and I do not see that RBC will be attending.
Do you have more information? I will email them too and see if they are planning on attending.

Joe Schelling said...

Yes, they are taking part in College Goal Sunday. It is on RBC's site right now.

Lloyd VK said...

The beauty of Kuyper is his challenge to each us to live up to the "not one square inch" challenge. He certainly took it seriously in the context of his culture.
Thinking, living and acting as "agents of reconciliation" requires that we actively look forward to determine how WE can re-construct and claim the culture in Jesus name.
This goes beyond "living a well thought out life" to actually acting out the intent of the "not one square inch" challenge.

Anonymous said...

a person named d

Yeah cuz you know the reformed faith has historically been the "only way" of looking at the Bible. It is obviously, the only view of the Bible. I mean really burning people at the stake, drowning the anti-baptist, and killing in the name Jesus Christ is ok. Well a least if you have the title of reformed right? I'm sure Jesus would be mighty prideful of the reformed right?

Nate said...

We Reformed Christians stand in the tradition of interpreting the bible a certain way. if that is a problem for you, so be it.

I am sure that all traditions hold "skeletons in the closet". But they are never excuses that cause people to not be accountable for what scripture says.

Anonymous said...

Your sarcasm is not very becoming. Given what you claim to stand for, I expected a much different discussion of RBC's name change.

Nate said...

Please at least leave a name when making a public rebuke. That is the only way that anyone will take what you say seriously.

Plus, I do not think that I am being sarcastic, only honest. Sometimes that hurts like sar casm or tearing flesh.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Nate...So if my senses are right, I think you're feeling angry... I remember you from RBC, er, KC. Brother, I encourage you to get your head out of the sand and start loving people. REALLY loving them. ALL people... Arminians, pentecostals, female preachers, adults who get baptized, Kuyper College board members....

Nate said...


You can love people without accepting their views and false ideas. Christ loved the Pharisees and the Saducees as he called them to consider their system, their faith, and even called them strong words all while loving them.

I do think that I love people- that is why I desire to preach the Gospel. I desire to see men saved and reconciled to God.

Is there anything more loving than that?

Please leave a name...I love you.