19 July, 2005

Terrorists Strike Alger Heights!

IT SEEMS THAT ALGER HEIGHTS has been struck a large blow this summer by radical secular humanistic terrorists! Alger Elementry is being demolished so that a "new and improved" educational facility can take its place.

Why the need for another building? It seems that secular humanist Ph.Ds believe that new buildings promote learning. Over the past three years of living in this neighborhood my taxes have gone up anually to pour money into this dying cause called public education.

What the secular humanists do not understand is that true education begins and ends with the knowledge and the fear of Jesus Christ. This is what is missing from public education...knowledge and wisdom.

Lets look at how well Grand Rapids schools are doing in Kent County:

Of the 29 public schools in Kent County it ranks: 27

Graduation rate: 85%

Money that comes from property owners per $100,000: $1080

Percentage of students on forms of welfare: 74.6%

Proficiency in reading at grade level: 49.1%

Proficiency in math at grade level: 35.7%

Christians, this is a wake up call. New buildings and diversified classrooms are not going to solve the education crisis. As Christians we need to be educating our children to be the thinkers in our society. There was once a time in history when all great Western thought came out of the Christian church. WE need to see the importance of this. We need to be educated and keep Jesus Christ as the beginning as well as the goal of all education.

Our tax dollars are lost. (I paid $1600 this year in taxes so that 30 some % of Grand Rapids can do math) Our covenantal children do not need to be lost though.

We need a Reformation in Christian thought: the glory of Christ Jesus!


notliberal said...

Agreed. Any Christian who sends their child to a government school should be brought before the elders and threatened with excommunication.

Mark said...

Y'know, Catholic schools teach kids to be Catholic, Reformed schools teach kids to be Reformed, yet we expected government schools to be somehow neutral. Trying to Christianize government schools is missing the point entirely.

Nate said...

O I agree.
We should not send the children of Israel to the schools of the Canaanites.

We need to reform our own systems albeit home or school... we need true and Reformed education.

Eva Lemmon..? said...

The fact is if they didn't do it,the public school kids would not be able to read at all. So called christian schools are just as pagan on the inside as anyother institue.
Just as Nate said, the chirstian schools need to wrest control from humanist teachers and bring the tuition down.

Jeff said...

I paid $1600 this year in taxes so that 30 some % of Grand Rapids can do math.
Actually, you paid $1,600 so kids could be taught how to live a life of mediocrity and ignorance in a politically correct, secular humanistic, bureaucratic society.
You've had millage votes pass every year for the past 3 years? That's scary. Or perhaps you're just referring to the biased assessor's office's ability to raise the value of your house at their discretion?

notliberal said...

Evie is dead on. The so-called Christian schools are almost as bad as the government schools. One need only look at places like Calvin College. The whore rate at Calvin is equal to the whore rate at Michigan State. The difference? The Calvin whores are Republicans, the State whores are Democrats.

The same holds true for the K-12 schools, though perhaps not as extreme. They call themselves Christian schools yet their education mirrors that of the public schools. Perhaps there is occasional time for prayer and the occasional Bible class. Nevertheless, the worldview taught isn't substantially different from the public schools.

What we need to do is make sure our homeschools are solid in teaching a reformed Christian worldview. Perhaps if there becomes a point when God has blessed us with an abundance of families and children we can look at opening our own school where the worldview taught will be proper. Until that time we ought to focus on making sure the homeschools are solid.

Jeff said...

The problem with christian schools is they look to secular humanists for accreditation. This forces them to model their schools after public schools. Thus, establishing a need for secular approval, they hire professors that also seek this approval. You end up with a liberal, secular agenda creeping like a steamroller into the faculty and administration of these schools. Not to mention, accreditation insures that schools remain par for the course and not exceptional.

Mark said...

Christian schools to often seek only to train children for future jobs. While this is not a bad thing, the chief end of education is character. It seems to me that too many Christian schools are essentialy the same as their secular counterparts, only they have Bible class.