18 July, 2005

Bethany Christian Services: A Fine Example of Christ's Love.

CHRISTIAN LOVE maintains boundaries as well as standards. Without boundaries Christians people and organizations would be taken advantage of and overtaken by worldly minded men and women. Christian standards are set inorder for the people of God to have a rule of faith and practice. Some are in and some are not.
It seems that the adoption agency that was founded by Reformed Christians (and attended RBC has in some degree returned to its roots.
We live in an age of over sensitivity to the point that the gospel has lost its power of offense. The fact is that the gospel is offensive and causes division is one of the reasons why the gospel is different from other religions. Why wouldn't an adoption agency want to adopt out children to families who understand that the child being adopted:
1. Is a sinner
2. Is in need of a savior.
3. The savior is to be received by faith alone.
4. The child should be reared within what the Westminster Confession of Faith calls the true Reformed Religion.
My thoughts: Way to go Bethany Christian Services. May God bless your ministry and may the children who come under your care come to love the Lord Jesus Christ!

JACKSON, Miss. -- A Christian adoption agency that receives money from Choose Life license plate fees said it does not place children with Roman Catholic couples because their religion conflicts with the agency's "Statement of Faith."
Bethany Christian Services stated the policy in a letter to a Jackson couple this month, and another Mississippi couple said they were rejected for the same reason last year.
"It has been our understanding that Catholicism does not agree with our Statement of Faith," Bethany's state director Karen Stewart wrote. "Our practice to not accept applications from Catholics was an effort to be good stewards of an adoptive applicant's time, money and emotional energy."
Sandy and Robert Steadman, who learned of Bethany's decision in a July 8 letter, said their priest told them the faith statement did not conflict with Catholic teaching.
Loria Williams of nearby Ridgeland said she and her husband, Wes, had a similar experience when they started to pursue an adoption in September 2004.
"I can't believe an agency that's nationwide would act like this," Loria Williams said. "There was an agency who was Christian based but wasn't willing to help people across the board."
Bethany, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., has 75 offices in 30 states, including three in Mississippi. The offices are independently incorporated and are affiliated with various religions, spokesman John Van Valkenburg said from the agency headquarters. He couldn't say whether any were Catholic-affiliated.
He said the Jackson office is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of America.
"They included this practice of not including Catholics," Van Valkenburg said Friday.
Stewart told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger that Bethany's board will review its policy, but she didn't specify which aspects will be addressed.
The agency's Web site says all Bethany staff and adoptive applicants personally agree with the faith statement, which describes belief in the Christian Church and the Scripture. It does not refer to any specific branches of Christianity.
"As the Savior, Jesus takes away the sins of the world," the statement says in part. "Jesus is the one in whom we are called to put our hope, our only hope for forgiveness of sin and for reconciliation with God and with one another."
Sandy Steadman said she was hurt and disappointed that Bethany received funds from the Choose Life car license plates. "I know of a lot of Catholics who get those tags," she said.
She added: "If it's OK to accept our money, it should be OK to open your home to us as a family."
Bethany is one of 24 adoption and pregnancy counseling centers in Mississippi that receives money from the sale of Choose Life tags, a special plate that motorists can obtain with an extra fee.
Of $244,000 generated by the sale of the tags in 2004, Bethany received $7,053, said Geraldine Gray, treasurer of Choose Life Mississippi, which distributes the money.
"It is troubling to me if they are discriminating based on only the Catholics," Gray said.
The Bethany spokesman, van Valkenburg, said the offices in Mississippi do not receive any public money, but that some offices in other states do, for example, because they are involved in foster care.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Catholics? Bethany has no right to turn down good Christian people. They should not even be able to turn down homosexual couples that want to adopt. What is this world coming too?!

Mark said...

Yeah, becuase having homosexual parents wouldn't mess a kid up at all, would it? Bethany is a Christian organization acting in accordance with Biblical principles, as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing.

Erika said...

I was adopted by a male and female christian couple, for which I am more thankful than I can express. I think that every child deserves that chance, and to willingly give a kid to a homosexual couple is just wrong!!

Anonymous the cool said...

No, anonymous, you are talking about mary-isers, not christians.
(Followers of mary)
-Homosexuals are living in sin.
What they chose to do is naturally, moraly, and biblicly wrong.
Even the nazis knew this. Although it "feels" right, and they think they can find their "true selves" they are only beliveing a lie of the devil.
The Lord has specificaly stated that you are not to be sexually perverted.