22 July, 2005

Spurgeon's Thoughts on "His Holiness" the Bishop of Rome.

EVEN THOUGH this is not a site dedicated to the follies of the Roman Catholic Church, here are some thoughts on the Pope and his power as the supreme superpower in the universe.

Charles Spurgeon, a 19th century Calvinistic Baptist preacher had some thoughts on the Papacy. (The Papal Bull or is it the bull of the papal?)

Of all the dreams that ever deluded men, and probably of all blasphemies that ever were uttered, there has never been one which is more absurd and which is more fruitful for all manner of mischief, than the idea that the Bishop of Rome can be the head of the church of Jesus Christ. No, these popes die, and how could the church live if its head were dead? The true Head ever lives, and the church ever lives in Him.
Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 14 p. 621

A man who deludes other people, by degrees comes to delude himself. The deluder first makes dupes of others and then becomes a dupe to himself. I should not wonder but what the pope really believes that he is infallible, and that he ought to be saluted as "his holiness." It must have taken him a good time to arrive at that eminence of self-deception, but he has gotten to that by now, and everyone who kisses his toe or hand confirms him in this insane idea.
Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, Volume 21. p. 413

Christ did not redeem his church with his blood that the pope might come in and steal away the glory. He never came from heaven to earth, and poured out his very heart that he might purchase his people, that a poor sinner, a mere man, should be set upon high to be admired by all the nations, and to call himself God's representative on earth. Christ has always been the Head of the church.
Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, Volume 60, p. 592


Mark said...

I've always thought the papacy was a load of bull.

notliberal said...

The Bishop of Rome claims to be Christ's man on Earth yet does he act like Christ at all? The Bishop is waited on by servants, lives in luxury, wears the finest clothes and has wealth beyond imagination. Is this how Christ lived?

There's nothing wrong per se with wealth, the issue is that the Bishop is claiming to be Christ's man on earth and at the same time is only interested in worldly possessions.

Eva Lemmon..? said...

He's got his own jet!

Gisela said...

Ohhhhh......Where are Chick tracts when you need them!!!


Gisela said...



Cramp Bottom M.M. said...

So, do we get a link?

Cramp Bottom M.M.
Ministry of Vocabulary

John W. Sikma said...

why don't we denounce the muslims, i think they're more of a threat than Catholics, but alas, the over whelming amount of pressure from all these presbyterians forces me to shut my mouth...

Eva Lemmon..? said...

You are one of them, unless you're going baptist!!!?

Julio said...

How dare you speak against God's infallible plenipotentiary, the Bishop of Planet Earth, and Supreme Master of Time and Space?!