25 November, 2010

A Reformation Prayer For Thanksgiving

Often other men have the ability to express my spiritual desires better than I do. Today is such a day as I consider thankfulness to God and what that means for my life, my family, and my spiritual hope. Enjoy:

Lord God,
our Heavenly Father,
we thank Thee for all thy benefits,
which we so unceasingly receive
from thy bountiful hand.
We thank Thee
that it pleases Thee
to sustain us
in this temporal life
and to supply all our needs.
We are especially grateful
that Thou hast regenerated us
unto the hope of a better life,
which Thou hast revealed unto us
in Thy holy Gospel.
We pray thee,
merciful God and Father,
that our hearts may not become
too deeply attached to these
earthly and perishable things,
but that we may always look heavenward,
expecting our Savior Jesus Christ,
until He shall appear
upon the clouds
unto our deliverance.

From the “Christian Prayers” of the Dutch National Church Liturgy, 1564.

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