17 November, 2010

Jerusalem Sinners in Need of Reformation

I have lived there.

I have lived in the Jerusalem for Reformed Christians. 12 years of it. I have attended two of the Christian colleges, one of the seminaries. I have worked for a Christian publishing house as well as a Christian psychiatric hospital. I would pass at least a dozen (or more) Reformed churches on my way to Church.

I have been in the restaurants and have heard people talking about BSF or the Catechism. I visited Mars Hill once. I know the difference between Heritage Reformed and Free Reformed. I know the difference between RCA, CRC, URC, PRC, FRC, HRC, IRC and NRC.

I know what happened in 1924 and why that little and insignificant seminary in Grandville is still angry about it. I have been to the intersection where there is a Reformed church on each corner, literally.

I have seen love grow cold, I have seen pastors eaten alive, I have seen the deadness of dead orthodoxy. I have seen the love for anything but Confessional Christianity. I have seen the Jerusalem sinner. I have been the Jerusalem Sinner.

May the Lord Jesus Christ break through the religion and bring true revival and reformation.

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