14 June, 2010

This is Dedicated to the One I Love

Hebrews chapter one tells us that in these last days that God speaks to us by his Son. The primary way in which God speaks to us is through the Word of God (compare John 1 with Hebrews 1). If we are Christians who are dedicated to God and the things of God in Christ, then we need to be people that are in communication with God.

This can only be done through having a spiritual life that is filled with God's Word. We are not able to say that we love God and that we love Christ if we are not in communication with Him. How many people who are married and do not speak to their spouse? You would not call this a healthy relationship. In the same way if one professes to be a Christian and he is not reading the Word of God and in communication with God through that Word- how healthy is that relationship? Are we able to say that there even is a relationship?

God the Father has purchased a relationship with the Church. That was purchased with the blood of his own Son. The Book is signed in blood and dedicated to the one he loves. How do you respond to this invitation to be in a relationship with God? Do you read what he has written to you?

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