07 June, 2010

Here I Am Lord, Send Me! Please! Pick Me! Lord... Right Here!

Often when young men are converted they see the ministry as a viable option for their lives. This is good, of course, but it does not mean that each should pursue the ministry. God calls men to work in all fields of life. And he calls men who are theological, dedicated, and committed to him to serve in all areas of life. God does not call all men to serve in pastoral ministry, but he does call some.

At the root of why many new converts see the ministry as their only option for life can be many things:

  • It could be that out of love for Christ the young man wants to serve him full time.
  • It could be that he sees no earthly skill or trade as being something that would bring lasting happiness.
  • Maybe it is because they have a "Romish" view of vocation and believe that ministry will bring them closer to God.
  • It could also be that people keep telling him, "You should be a pastor".
There are many reasons why one would want to enter into pastoral ministry. No matter what your reason is, I would suggest that you spend time reading through this post before you spend your money (or your parents money) on seminary education:

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