26 April, 2010

Church Planter Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles

"One thing is certain, unless we see visions, dream dreams, and make plans, there will be no great steps forward in the work of the Gospel." -James Montgomery Boice

What is your congregation's and denomination's vision and strategy for church planting? It is worth thinking about. In Romans 15 Paul spends some time discussing his strategy with the Roman Christians. He begins with telling the Romans that Jesus Christ is the hope of the nations and gives some of the biblical background for why he does missions. He then goes on to tell them that his role is one that reflects the offices of Christ as he does the work of Christ. Paul describes himself as a priest, prophet, and kingdom builder. Paul then tells the Romans what his strategy includes and the places that he plans on visiting on his last missionary journey.

As pastors and church planters we can learn a lot from the strategy of Paul in Romans 15.

Here are some thoughts on Paul's vision for church planting:

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