23 April, 2010

20/20 Vision and Open Pulpits

The RPCNA Home Mission Board has a goal to see 100 congregations by the year 2020. We are currently at 88 congregations and/or mission churches in North America. Please pray that the Lord would raise up 12 new church plants over the next 10 years.

Currently there are a few open pulpits in the RP Church. May the Lord also raise up men to labor in these areas of the country as well. (These are organized by presbytery.)

Open Pulpits in Organized Congregations
College Hill (Beaver Falls, PA) (Looking for a head pastor. They have an associate.)
Cambridge, MA
Westminster (Prairie View, IL) (They currently have stated supply.)
Hetherton, MI (They currently have stated supply.)
Orlando, FL
Second Indianapolis, IN (Looking for a head pastor. They have an associate.)
Mineola, KS
Washington, IA
Walton, NY (Will be open in June.)
Rochester, NY
Owego, NY (They currently have stated supply.)

Open Pulpits in Church Plants
Aurora, OH
Terre Haute, IN
Lafayette, IN (Looking for a resident in training.)
Saint Louis, MO
Christian Heritage (Endicott, NY) (Looking for a resident in training.)
Berkshire, MA (Currently have stated supply.)
Hutchinson, KS
Manhattan, KS
Bryan, TX (In the exploratory phase.)

Two Daughter Churches That May Be On the Horizon
Colorado Springs, CO
Shawnee, KS

Please pray for these pulpits, plants, and possibilities. Also consider where God may be calling your congregation to begin a church plant. May the Lord Jesus build up his Church.

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