13 February, 2010

Count the Cost of Following Christ

As followers of Jesus Christ we need to count the cost of discipleship. Each one of us need to ask ourselves theses questions:

1. Is it worth following Christ?
2. How far will I go in following Christ?

The answer to the second question is this- if you are not willing to die for Christ; you are not willing to live for him.

In the 1660s Hugh Mackail was tortured and eventually murdered for his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As a disciple that had weighed the cost of discipleship, Mackill was ready to die for the Lord Jesus. He last words were:

"Now I leave off to speak any more to creatures, and turn my speech to thee, O Lord. Now I begin my intercourse with God, which shall never be broken off. Farewell, father and mother, friends and relations! Farewell, the world and all delights! Farewell meat and drink! Farewell, sun, moon, and stars!

Welcome God and Father! Welcome sweet Lord Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant! Welcome, blessed Spirit of grace, God of all consolation! Welcome, glory! Welcome, eternal life!

Welcome death!"

Friend, Have you counted the cost of following Christ? Is He worth it?

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