14 January, 2010

Haiti, Jerusalem, and the Tower of Siloam

Yesterday Pat Robertson spoke his 'mind' on the recent earthquake in Haiti. He had two points that bothered me greatly:

1. He said that this may be a blessing in disguise because more buildings are down than standing. That means that the country will be rebuilt. Never mind the thousands and thousands of people who have been killed to get shiny new buildings that Haiti cannot afford.
2. He said that this was the people of Haiti's fault because they made a pact with the devil to get the French out of Haiti. He was referring to some voodoo service that is noted historically.

You can watch his dreadful remarks here.

Here are my thoughts on Haiti:

1. Weep with those who weep. Mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15). Now is not the time to talk about shiny buildings or past sins; but to mourn and weep along with this very poor country. When Haiti sees a Christian church that is mourning along side of them; as well as working, it will point toward the compassion of Jesus Christ. Jesus mourned over Jerusalem before it's destruction. We should mourn over Haiti's destruction and call them to be gathered under the wings of Christ as a mother hen gathers her chicks.
2. This was not the people of Haiti's fault. Jesus was asked, in Luke 13:4, about the people that were killed when the Tower of Siloam fell in his day. People were wondering if this tragedy was the fault of the people. "Were they worse offenders than all the others?" What did Jesus say? Jesus said, "No, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish." This event in Haiti is not a time for pointing fingers, but a time for pointing people toward the Gospel of life and reconciliation.

Friends, use this to point men and women to Christ.

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Anonymous said...

I viewed Pat Robertson's video and I did not think he was pointing fingers at Haitians, but said we need to pray for Haiti. Pat mentioned that Haiti was under the oppression of the devil because many Haitians believe in witchcraft & voodoo. Pat realizes the earthquake had happened and I believe he was just trying to find a positive out of a negative when he mentioned rebuilding. Sometimes it takes a tradgedy of this magnitude to rebuild and start over. Stop villianizing Pat Robertson. Maybe his words did not come out the way he wanted, but I'm pretty sure he did not wish this to happen to the Haitians, nor is he pointing a ridiculing finger at them. As a Christian, I believe God does bless those who follow Him and He patiently waits for those who turn His back on those who decide not to. God will eventually turn His back to those who reject Him. God has mercy, grace & patience.He can also be angered. God can also use the Haitian earthquake to His benefit by allowing Haitians to witness the mercy & kindness of fellow Chrisians helping them. Perhaps God does have a plan if Haitians are willing to repent and acknowlege Him and perhaps a stronger and better Haiti will be built.