13 January, 2010

Break Forth With Celebratory Joy!

What is the best way to serve God? How do we best praise Him? Is God best praised with joyless groanings and non-expressive petitions? Does God regulate the way in which our hearts are to come before God? Charles Spurgeon shows us that the worship of the Triune God is to be different than the praises that men and women give to false gods and idols. He writes,

Gladness and joy are the appropriate spirit in which to praise the goodness of the Lord. Birds extol the Creator in notes of overflowing joy, the cattle low forth his praise with tumult of happiness, and the fish leap up in his worship with excess of delight. Moloch may be worshipped with shrieks of pain, and Juggernaut may be honoured by dying groans and inhuman yells, but he whose name is Love is best pleased with the holy mirth, and sanctified gladness of his people.

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