08 October, 2008

What Do You Think About All Day?

What we think about is what the Bible calls 'our meditation'. Some think primarily of the things of this world: sports and leisure. Some think of the cares of this world: making money and investing wisely. Some think of think of the things of God: how to please him and what his word says. Now truthfully, we are a mixture of all these things if we are Christians, but the call of the Scriptures is meditation on the law all of the day. We have a lot to strive for as Christians.

Meditation does discriminate and characterize a man; by this he may take measure of his heart, whether it to be good or bad; let me allude to that; 'For as he thinks in his heart, so he is' Prov.23.7. As the meditation is, such is the man. Meditation is the touchstone of a Christian; it shows what metal he is made of. It is a spiritual index; the index shows what is in the book, so meditation shows what is in the heart. Thomas Watson, Saint's Spiritual Delight.

So the question remains: What do you think about all day?

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