06 June, 2008

New Blog: Huguenot in Cambridge

Rev. Dr. Christian Adjemian has started a new blog here. It looks as though he will do a number of book reviews and I am sure that he will have much to say about how to make a conservative Reformed church 'work' in Boston, Massachusetts!

I look forward to reading his reflections on Christianity and maybe a few thoughts on what it is like being a French pastor in a Scottish church in the United States.

Here is the congregation that Dr. Adjemian serves.

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E. A. Snow said...

Hi there.
I came across your blog a while back, and now, searching for my former pastor's old blog, I came across it again. I thought I'd give you an update. Pastor Adjemian has moved up to Montreal to teach at the FAREL Theological Institute. He has since been diagnosed with ALS. Perhaps you could remember him and his family in your prayers; it will be a difficult journey as his health deteriorates over time.

May you know God's Grace in a special way this season.