13 March, 2008

What's on John Calvin's Ipod?

Today in my class on the Historical Books we were discussing the incident where Saul's advisors have him get David to soothe soul. We called this a 'worldly solution' because what Saul needed to do was to repent and to seek the Lord. Instead Saul drowned out his pain with the lovely melody of a harp.

This great quote by John Calvin was shared which shows the absolute power of music. Music has the ability to be profitable to our lives and it also has the ability to keep us from doing that which needs to be done. He calls it a funnel to the heart- for good or for ill.

Although music serves our enjoyment rather than our need, it ought not on that account to be judged of no value; still less should it be condemned… music can be made profitable to men if only it be free from that foolish delight by which it seduces men from better employments and occupies them in vanity... There is scarcely anything in this world which can more turn or bend hither and thither the ways of men…and in fact we know by experience that music has a secret and almost incredible power to move hearts…When melody goes with it, every bad word penetrates more deeply into the heart…Just as a funnel conveys the wine into the depths of the decanter, so venom and corruption are distilled into the very bottom of the heart by melody. -John Calvin


Droll Flood said...

So much for Margaritaville... where we all waste away, Nate. "And I know it's my own damn fault."
Thank you Mr. Buffet.

puritanismtoday said...

Dear Nate,

Hope you don't mind me taking this quote to use on puritanismtoday?

Do you know where it is from?


Droll Flood said...

What's on Nate's iPod? The same stuff that has been there for the last 6+ days!
I understand, Nate. You have more pressing obligations at the moment.

Nate said...

Go ahead and use it. I will attempt to track the reference. I believe that it is from his commentary on 1 Samuel; but let me double check.