22 March, 2008

Sabbath a'Brakel: The Fear of God

And what about you? Examine yourself. What will you answer upon the question, "Do you fear God?" Is your focus in your walk of life upon the Lord? Does reverence for His majesty arise within when you think about Him, speak of Him, or hear mention made of Him? Do you reverently bow before Him, and do you tremble if you are about to address Him in prayer? If a sinful thought or motion arises within you, does the fear of God motivate you to suppress it? Does the fear of God prevent you from all sinful association with men, fornication, unrighteousness, lies, backbiting, cursing, wrath, and other sins? Does reverence for God motivate and urge you to the practice of religion and to do whatever the Lord has enjoined you to do as being pleasing unto Him? Or do you love the things of this world? Are all your concerns related to the acquisition and preservation of these things? Do you look to people as if they were able to give or withhold them from you? Do you seek to please them even if it displeases God, and are they the measure of your fear? (III: 295-296).


Chuck said...

And III: 295-296 refers to whom?

Nate said...

Those references at the end of each 'Sabbath a'Brakel' are as follows

III: Book Three (Of his four volumes)

295-296: Page number within that volume.

Chuck said...

"His"? Whose?

Nate said...

Wilhelmus a'Brakel, A Christian's Reasonable Service.

There are 4 volumes.

The first number is the volume.

The second number is pagination.


I= Volume One of Christian's Reasonable Service.
123= Page number of the before mentioned volume of Brakel's book.