28 February, 2008

News From Presbytery

I have had a couple of exams today. With the grace of the Lord, I have been sustained. Tomorrow I preach at 7:30 PM. Please pray for me.


Rob said...

Hey Nathan,

How did the rest of your Presbytery meeting go?

An Eshelman said...


It went very well. There was some good debate as well as a lot of encouraging news of growth and church plants in the making.

All three of the students that preached were sustained.

-One man was able to advance in his studies.
-David Whitla was made eligable to receive a call.
-I was sustained as a candidate.

It went very well. Both my pastor and I left quite encouraged and we saw Psalm 133 in action!

Rob said...

Well that is excellent news. I am glad to hear things went well for you and the other students.

I am looking forward to our (St. Lawrence) spring Presbytery meeting. I am hoping that I will be taken under care at that time; may the Lord's will be done.

BTW, it seems to me that your Presbytery meeting spans several days. Is this so? And if so, how many days did you meet together?