04 February, 2008

Biblical Evangelism Conference mp3s.

The Conference on Biblical Theology went very well. We had around 150 people in attendance, which was 50 more than we were praying for! We also had 23 congregations represented and 10 Reformed denominations. It really shows that there is a need in the Reformed community and God is raising up his people to meet that need.

Feel free to pass on these mp3s to all who could benefit:

Biblical Evangelism's Motivation
Biblical Evangelism's Message
Biblical Evangelism's Methods


Bryan D. Buie said...

Thank you for all your efforts in getting this conference together, it was a great blessing to me!

Hope you had fun in your early morning class. ;-)

Mark said...

Aye, many thanks. I'm looking forward to this being an annual event.

Steven Carr said...

Just a reminder to all that this was a conference on PRACTICAL theology. Let's put it into practice.