27 December, 2007

Reformed Presbyterian International Conference

This July Grand Rapids will overflow with Reformed Presbyterians. There will be RPs from the US, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Cyprus, and other international locations. If you have never been to an international conference it is truly a foretaste of heaven. Imagine over 1500 people singing Psalms acapella in four part harmony. It is great!

Here is the website to check it out... and of course to register! It only happens once every four years!


steveandjanna said...

That's really pricey. They want $300 bucks a person or in our case since we wouldn't be staying at Calvin, they want $75 for a couple each day. That's a lot of dough.

Nate said...

Yeah. It is a little pricey, but remember that they are renting Calvin College for a week. Dorms, conference rooms, cafeteria, workers, chapel, etc.

The price for people that are not staying on campus includes 3 meals, etc.

You can just come to the lectures and Psalm sings too, of course. That is what many from our church have done the last 2 conferences.

steveandjanna said...

So if I just came to a lecture it's free but if I'm eating that's what's going to set me back $75 a couple. Unless there's AC, I don't see Janna wanting to come to listen to some lecture in her condition come late July.

Nate said...

I don't know Steve.. you will have to contact the coordinator for all of those answers.

Is Janna sick or something?

steveandjanna said...

Come July, Janna will be 8 months pregnant. I don't see her wanting to be without AC at the time.

Nate said...

Amen to AC for summer pregnancies. Lydia went to COVFAMIKOI in July when she was 8 mo. pregnant.

Don't ask!! She was a trooper despite the 80 degree days.

Congrats to both of you.

Anonymous said...

i pray tht all reformed presbyterians are not all alike.
i use to work and attend church at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in fort lauderdale florida.
what a bunch of uptight angry anal sudo christians. this church can find fault and does in every church that is doing well and teaching the word! calvary chapel is a church close by that is teaching the word and doing it it in a very warm and relaxing loving way.
crpc can't stand them and they say they arn't presbyterian and don't aggree w doctrin. so what.
what a boring ass place!
only God can help them now and i think the lord is going to allow this place to collapse.

An Eshelman said...

Coral Ridge is not RPCNA, rather PCA. Sorry you had a bad experience there.

Rachel said...

Steve, as I recall, there is AC with a vengeance in the Fine Arts Center, where most of the meetings are held.

We are planning to be there! For us, it ends up being on the cheaper side of conferences because the travel costs are so low. :)