25 December, 2007

JG Vos on Christian Worship

JG Vos was an interesting theologian. He was called the 'people's theologian' because he believed that theology was for the common man; not for the ivory towers. I whole-heartily agree. He was also Christian Reformed as a child, and later became a Reformed Presbyterian, after his father began teaching at Princeton seminary (back when that meant something).

Here is his article on Christian worship. He deals with some of the objections to Psalm singing and answers them in a very pastoral and humble way. Our position on worship is not a popular one in today's Christian milieu, which makes it all the more important to use care and a pastoral approach to dealing with these differences. If the position is biblical and offensive to some Christians; then the Scriptures should do the offending, not the messenger. I would recommend that you read it before the Lord's Day.


Ebenezer Erskine said...

I like what you have to say here, you may have an ally in my blog. Please come and check out my mission, I think you will be in agreement.

Mark said...

Interesting read. I liked how he related the Psalms to the lives of believers.

Your statement about Scriptures offending instead on the messenger is spot-on. Well done.

Andrew Duggan said...

Our church has, for as long as I can remember, had "Ashamed of the Tents of Shem" in tract form available. It's always good for it to have a wider circulation.

It's a like a nice invitation to Christians everywhere, "Come in out of the cold and enjoy the warmth of the Holy Spirit in tents of Shem, Sing the Psalms, and see Jesus."