24 June, 2007

Sabbath a'Brakel: A Christian's Character

Take to heart what manner of person you are before God and what will befall you due to this.
(1) Do you have such an even-tempered and stable disposition of heart when people maltreat you in word and deed?
(2) Or do you have a cross, fretful, and irritable nature? Do you have as many spines as a porcupine does, or are you as prickly as a bush of thorns, so that one cannot be in your presence without being pricked? (IV: 84-85).


Manda said...

2! Definitely 2. Ack!

You know who.... :) said...

Who were you thinking about when you posted this one?!!!!

Nathan said...

Myself. I have been such a 'prick'ley of late. Maybe I have some conformity to the image of Christ to do.

Droll Flood said...


I'm kind of back in action.

Steven and Crystal Carr said...

Hello Mr. Eshelman,

I do not know why I haven't posted before, but I will muse on that later. I thought you might be interested in this websight:
There are some posts on the Sabbath from an evangelical perspective.