04 June, 2007

Banner of Truth I

This year's Banner of Truth Conference was very exciting for me. The theme of the conference was based upon a quote by the famous minister Robert Murray M'Cheyne. M'Cheyne was a very pious Scottish Presbyterian who was only 26 years old when he went to glory. The story goes that he was asked what his congregation needed most. He responded, "what my congregation needs most is my holiness."

Rev. Ben Short opened the conference with preaching from Phil. 1.21, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." It was a great way to begin a conference on the minister's (and seminary student's) holiness. We must live reflecting Christ in our lives. We must live at his disposal. We must pour out our lives for Christ. We must live out Christian discipleship. Of course, this is not just for ministers, but for all who name the name of Christ.

How is to die gain? Rev. Short gives a number of answers. Some included:
  • We will see Christ face to face. We will see all of the beauty of Christ's glory, the wonder of his mercy, grace, purity.
  • We shall be like him. The great promise of God is the restoration of all things. The image of God will be restored in us and in all of creation.
  • We shall be holy and in full fellowship with our Trinitarian God.
  • We shall have full salvation and full deliverance from this life of sin.
  • We will be glorified.

There was much, much more to this sermon. I will attempt to give a number of highlights from the week as well as link a couple of other bloggers who have chronicled the event. I look forward to next year's conference.

(BTW, If you look for me and Shawn Anderson in the photo you will find us. We were 2 of the 250 that were in attendance this year!)


Rob Somers said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself there. Its good to warm your heart after your classes are all done for the year.

Mark said...

I must be stupid, because I can't see you in the pic. It would help if you were wearing a red-and-white striped shirt with a matching hat.

gretchenjohnson said...

I found you. Do I get a bag of M&M's or something? (left hand side, almost hidden)

Jan Hus said...

i see you
you are in the back row, last guy on right!!!! ding ding i win i win