20 April, 2007

Need Help With the 'Split Peas'?

Here is a helpful website to sort out all of the peas in the soup. We Presbyterians have a reputation for dividing a lot; but the truth is we are in as much as sin as the next band of Protestants:

  • Who can tell all of those Baptists apart? Regular. Particular. Primitive. Calvinistic. Reformed. Southern.

  • How about the Reformed? Heritage, Free, Christian, Canadian, Netherlands, German, United, Independent, US, etc.

Point being, we all have things to work on. We are a long way to being faithful to John 17 that is for sure! But, here is a road map to help you through the section of the body of Christ called Presbyterians- split and united. It includes the Reformed as well. So it is Split R and P soup.

Split P Organizer


Anonymous said...

Didn't you already post this?

Nate said...

No, I posted a family tree that showed from where all of the split peas came. This shows what all of them believe. They work well together.. of course the man that puts this out is somewhat biased since he is WPCUS (we all have our presuppositions).