10 April, 2007

A Little Country Church

This is a picture of Southfield RPCNA that Jon and Wendy Hughes sent me. The picture was taken pre-1955 and has seen many changes in this short amount of time. It has been moved back from the road and was placed on a basement. There has also been a manse built on the property since then. Notice that it is all fields surrounding the little country church. It is now one acre amidst tall buildings and multi lane action!


Rob Somers said...

One of only two RP churches in Michigan.

Michigan needs more RP congregations. ;)

Mark said...

It's always fun to see pictures of areas before they were developed. Shoot, I remember back when the mall in Grandville was nothing more than a big ol' field. Modern construction is a marvel.

Maggie said...

awww. home sweet home!
2 weeks!