17 September, 2006

Lord's Day a'Brakel

In [the] church there is both glory and elegance. For a moment give attentive consideration to the glorious state of that kingdom and its true subjects. The earth and the nations are enveloped in darkness; however, wondrous light is to be found in the church. The glory of the Lord illuminates this city of God and the Sun of Righteousness enlightens it with His light. Outside of her is nothing but pollution, abominations, and ungodliness; however, within there is her holiness, purity, and glory…. Ought not everyone therefore to delight himself in Zion, and be desirous to be a member of this church, a fellow citizen of the saints, and a member of the household of God? Should not everyone be desirous to submit himself to the protection and government of this King? For not only are all the these things said concerning this kingdom and this King, but all are most certainly true. (II: 58).


MarkPele said...

I hear you want to become a covie! Covigirl and I briefly discussed a proper indoctrination, being that you will get the party line from the official circles. To her credit, she recommended against it, but I can't resist. You should check out www.xanga.com/MarkPele to get accustomed with some of the debates. I can fill you in on more as is necessary.

MarkPele said...

BTW: Growing up, we were the most conservative family I knew. That was until I joined my current church. I'm starting to feel like a liberal. Our presbytery sometimes scares me.

James w. Lanning said...

i'm telling you nate, brakel is old news. and don't let the covenanter jockeys push you around.