10 September, 2006

Lord's Day a'Brakel

We then reason as follows: "It cannot be that I have grace, for in nearly all my actions my conscience accuses me that I am being hypocritical. It appears as if I am serving God, but in reality I have myself in view.
Answer:…. However, be it first of all known that believers are only regenerated in part and that the seed of various sins still remains in them. No sin can ever be mortified so completely that it will never surface again. This remaining corruption will manifest itself externally, this being contingent upon the condition of the body, opportunities, and other circumstances. Therefore, the one godly person will fall more into a given sin than the other.
Secondly, it should be known that the fear of seeking self frequently causes us to think about the seeking of self. This will suggest to us that it is so, and the devil will create the illusion in our minds that we are seeking self (IV: 224).

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