02 January, 2006

Of Filthy Brides and Bloody Grooms

A new catechism on the Trinity is the focus of the new addition of Credenda Agenda. The focused catechism was for the purpose of "filling gaps" of older catechisms. It seems that Wilson does not find the historical catechisms to suffice on this head of doctrine. His catechism is poetic as well as in a biblical form called iambic pentameter and chiasm. (I will not explain, but may do a post on this later). Below is a section that I have found to be an appropriate meditation on the relationship of Christ to the Church. It is a marvelous piece to meditate upon. How could the dirtied bride enter the Son's wedding?
Christ killed her sin upon His bloody cross;
Like Father and the Spirit, triune life
is death and gift, a dance of sacrifice.

Where did the Son take her? What does she do?
United to His wife, He raised her from
the dead, ascended into heaven, and joined
the dance, the fellowship of Trinity.

How can the bride not fall again, like in the Garden or the desert?
Unlike Mosaic saints, who strained without
a will, God poured the Spirit in His Church,
empowering us for loyalty and love.

What is the purpose of this marriage of Son and Church?
This new Adam and Eve pick up the work
abandoned by the first to raise a godly
seed, expand the feast, and build a garden city.

How does God send us from the wedding?
He loads our arms with water, wine, and bread
and sends us cheering down the highway,
to fill the wedding hall with guests.


shawn said...

Better than his doctrine on the Historical vs. Eschatological Church

Ellie said...

Food Fight!!!!!!!!!
I'm concerned that much of what I have been taught is vain interpretation by believers who unwittingly have gotton off task and off gospel. Believers today are converted only to be left floundering with a multiplicity of "right"doctrines which provides a perfect cover for persons to go their own way and do their own thing and this is what is going on in our culture.Do you suppose that God is testing our hearts? What is the truth??? Could we meditate on The Word of God and not some gap filler???

Penumbra said...

Pontius Pilate asked "What is Truth?", too. However, it's not a rhetorical question to be walked away from. The desire for truth requires work. Proverbs 23:23 says "Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding."

Nate said...


There are a lot of things that people can meditate upon. Here are a few:
1. Scripture
2. Christ
3. Their own spiritual state
4. Attributes of God
5. The state of the Church

Anonymous said...

Food Fight?
*have gotton off task and off gospel.*
ellie...what is the gospel?
*Could we meditate on The Word of God and not some gap filler???*
examples please of some gap fillers?
ellie why are you ranting? do you have a problem with the discussion here? please stay on task!