27 October, 2005

Hast Thou Forgotten Grace?

This Reformation Day weekend be mindful of the fact that the Reformation was seen as a Reformation of the doctrines of grace as well as true worship. May the Lord send Reform to His churches and may He make all of His enemies His footstool.

I would challenge all of my readers to set aside some time to read or listen to some material that deals with the 16th and 17th century Reformation of True Religion. Also spend time in meditation over the state of the church as well as the Reformation of your own spiritual life.

May the world again feel the movement of the Holy Ghost in the Revival and Reformation of the True Reformed Religion.
Discussion Points:
-What does "The Reformed church should always be reforming" mean?
-Do we still see a love for the Truth...Even within the church?
-What have been your experiences in the longing and praying for True Religion?

Soli Deo Gloria! and may God send Reform to our hearts!


Notliberal said...

While I oppose the creation of a high holy church "Reformation Day," I think it's important to note what God did 488 years ago. Luther, Calvin, Knox and others are the names we toss back and forth when refering to the Reformation. The reality is that this was an act of God alone. The glory of what happened 488 years ago is not in Luther, it's in our Lord. He alone saves, He alone saved half of Europe in a generation. The glory is God's.

Droll Flood said...

It extremely is important that we remember that in salvation there is no prompting of it on man's part. As far as man is concerned in the reformation we were dead in our sins and darkness prevailed. God spoke His 'let there be light' and made His gospel known. Praise God!