10 February, 2011

Who Is Handing Out Bread in the Bread Line?

It always amazes me how people can make pastors into rock stars. Now don't get me wrong... I listen to many conference messages, I read the latest books by the big names in the Reformed world. I appreciate the ministry of those who have a global ministry. But ministers are but men.

I think that JC Ryle said it well when talking about the roll of the disciples at the feeding of the 5000:

"Now here is a lively emblem of the work which a true minister of the New Testament is meant to do. He is not a mediator between God and man. He has no power to put away sin, or impart grace. His whole business is to receive the bread of life which the Master provides, and to distribute it among the souls of whom he labors. He cannot make men value the bread or receive it. He cannot make it soul saving, or life giving to anyone. This is not his work. For this he is not responsible. His whole business is to be a faithful distributor of the food which his Divine Master has provided; and that done, his office is discharged."

So who is the true minister of the Gospel? He's not a rock star that has fans a mile wide and an inch deep. He's the homeless guy that works at the soup kitchen. He's the guy that is passing out bread and praying that his people will eat and be filled. Is there any room for pride or stardom in that? No. But there's room for humility and service. Now start passing out that bread.

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